From the CHAIRMAN desk

Welcome and thank you for choosing Vellore Polytechnic (VPT) College.

"Vision looks inward and becomes duty (Mind). Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration (Spirit). Vision looks upward and becomes faith (Soul)."

I always experienced a yearning to acknowledge my responsibilities and reciprocate by contributing to the growth and development of our society. While thinking of how to make it a reality with the little means at my disposal did the idea of providing a platform for development of local youth took shape. That sowed the seeds in my mind.

VPT strikes the right balance between cognitive and psychomotor domains through theoretical & practical classes aimed at providing well rounded knowledge to the students. The balanced curriculum that includes smart class, communication lab, sports, cultural events, social activities etc. besides conventional education methods help mould them in to skilled professionals and responsible citizens. That satisfied our soul.

Our model recognizes the benefits of entrepreneurial education, among any field, for those who would like to join the workforce, as well as for those who would become self- employed. Students who would join a company would be able to offer the employer a different in-depth perspective. He would understand that his role could impact the growth of the company and therefore be an asset for any employer.

We recognize, however, that for a person to be successful not only cognitive knowledge is necessary; indeed, one must always search for a mission in life. Our HOLISTIC MODEL OF EDUCATION encourages our students to discover and explore their own weaknesses and strengths, and help them develop as Human beings.

The right time to pursue your educational goals is always now. The world has changed and it is never too late. Young students can build a more successful career besides contributing to the nation’s progress through their own knowledge & skill development. You are at the right place at the right time with the right intent. Have fun and get enlightened.

Good Luck!!!



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